HEIMISH All clean Green Foam

IDR 135,000.00
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HEIMISH All clean Green Foam 10 10
HEIMISH All clean Green Foam 150g - Ph 5.5

Description : PH balancing cleanser for skin soothing and moisturizing.

Clean up all kinds of wastes and makeup remnants. Translucent gel type, soft foam action more smoothly. Nearer to acid, oily skin, closer to alkaline, dry skin. Atopic and acne treatment products are mostly mildly acidic. It is important to maintain a slightly acidic condition between pH 5 and 6, which protects bacteria and viruses and does not damage skin. Mildly acidic products make it easy to balance the skin.

Suggest Use

1. When cleansing, take the appropriate amount into your hands and bubble well.

2. After cleansing like facial massage, wash with warm water.
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